2 Year Anniversary Show

Growing up can be tough, but the results and the rewards of sticking to the program are always self evident.
The love that we make here at Barber Shop Podcast is always equal to the love we take every week, and for two years, our love of the wonderful music and musicians in and around Hamilton has been broadcast worldwide in high definition and high fidelity. Shaky and uncertain legs became strong and steady as the shows piled up, the technical aspects of the production maturing step by step with the human element, creating what is now regarded as the industry standard for this format, garnering notice and followers along the way.
To celebrate, we threw the doors open and stocked the fridge with cold ones on a chilly November night, adding snacks to bait the trap. It wasn’t long before we had a house full of talent, and the joint was rocking into the wee hours.
This 2 part episode has some great performances, some good synergy and a few hiccups….like any decent party would. Past guests got reacquainted, some new folk got a chance to show their skills, and the minutes turned to hours in a flash.
Spinning on the player is the very special, very limited edition of Exile On King Street, the BOXO Studio live recording of the 1972 Rolling Stones classic album Exile On Main Street, performed by an all-star Hamilton cast. Saturday the latest, greatest and very last edition goes at This Ain’t Hollywood Saturday November 29, and we are proud parents for sure.
Blessed are those who have the kind of friends we have. The deck is stacked, despite some jokers in the mix – but that’s all part of the game we love.
Big thanks to our supporters and friends – we know who you are.



Brian Griffith Tribute

Sometimes the good lord takes our best souls and Brian Griffith was one of our brightest lights. Taken far too young at age 60, Brian was a member of the storied Washington family, his musical lineage and fertile environment served to spark the flame of Hamilton’s greatest guitarist and most beloved son.
As talented and versatile as Brian Griffith was with an instrument, his manner and authenticity were the traits for which he shall be remembered by. Master of every style, King among men, Brian Griffith will be deeply missed by all those who knew him – and by many who will never get to hear him play.
We give pause and play a few things for our friends that feature Brian’s chops, but it’s his smile that you will never forget.
We sure won’t.



Boogie Infection

An authentic slice of real down home cooking courtesy Boogie Infection is the order of the day around here.
From teens who got both punk music and each other, the trio of Dam, Slop Buckett and Snow Heel Slim now make a staccato ms mouldier of the Mississippi Delta variety, courtesy of a pilgrimage to the birth place of all modern music. Simple, bold, honest and strong, the groove is pure energy and the message timeless in today’s plastic-wrapped world.
Moving and shaking on a November night, we have a laugh or two and a whole mess of songs from the Boogie Infection, raise a glass and thank god for little miracles.



The Jesse Elliot Band

Sometimes a little birdie says there’s someone good on the scene we should feature. In this case, 4 different birdies I’ve flocked with for years told me I needed to see this 28 year old Guelph transplant Jesse Eliott at one of Hamilton’s talent soaked open mic’s.
From the back of the room I believed him, and his commitment met his talent with a force rarely seen, pure commitment, original and excellent.
The old barber didn’t get the lead chair by sitting on his laurels, and beating the bush for the next great thing is part of what we do here.
This – is why we do it.
Jesse Eliott with John LaBassiste, Timothy Kulakowski and the savory Nick Burson flesh out the frenetic beauty of the next great thing out of Hamilton.
Fresh, real – you gotta hear it to believe it. Barber Shop Podcast



The Dinner Belles

Rarely will you find a diverse unit of seven musicians gelling into not only a singular unit, but an original, traditional gift of stunning beauty and vivid images. Born but a few short years ago, the septet of Tara Lightfoot, Brad Germain, Scott Bell, Brandon Bliss, Greg Briscoe, Jonathan Ely Cass and Melanie Pothier somehow merged their individual chops into something that is rather remarkable in the present music environment. Call it Americana, roots, traditional, folk or country, what you get is something passionate, evocative and soul-grabbing from moment one. Music lovers of any age can love what the band delivers and once bitten, they get under your skin and stay.
Fresh of their CD release party for their sophomore release The River and the Willow, five of the dinner Belles stopped by on a chilly late October night to tell their tales and share a drink and a laugh.
Another great show, just the way you like it – from Barber Shop Podcast




VARGA – Episode 100

What better way to celebrate 100 episodes of great music than to crush it with Hamilton metal icons VARGA.
After 23 years together, the sheer intensity, passion and musicality of Joe Varga, Dan Fila, Sean Williamson and Adam Alex makes one truly understand master level attainment.
Showcasing tunes from their double release ENTER THE METAL and RETURN OF THE METAL and midway through their Ontario Invasion 2014 tour, the boys treat the neighbors and the world to some rare Maiden and Sabbath, and the awesome heavy metal thunder of VARGA – on this very special episode of Barber Shop Podcast.




Century Club

Sometimes the seed of an idea grows into a mighty oak – other times it just gets wedged in your gums causing residual pain and regret.
Almost two years ago Barber Shop Podcast launched as a long-form interview/live performance show and in that time we have been witness to a lot of talent and beauty. Not this episode.
One week shy of our epic 100th episode, we host four of our favorite beer loving guests to engage in the ancient rite of consuming 100 shots of beer in 100 minutes – The Century Club.
It takes a certain type of individual to allow themselves to go from sober to messy in such a short time, and an even more “special” individual to allow it to be documented and displayed for all to see.
No one said it was going to be easy, and for sure this one is a bit rough in spots. Seven guys, 70 beers, 100 minutes…. What can go wrong?
Never boring, always dangerous, celebrate #99 with us and join us for something a little different.



Laura Cole

Laura Cole is everywhere these days, what with the release of her debut album Dirty Cheat at the end of August and the buzz that her electrifying performances provide.
Only 25, Cole has the chops and sensibilities of someone steeped in the smokey jazz clubs of yesteryear while bringing her own style to the party.
Father Ron noted her precocious talent early on, but if was a fireside rendition of a Sheryl Crow song that got him thinking about just how to polish this diamond in the rough.
Building a band that could carry the freight meant that in addition to Ron Cole’s keys, the bass of Chris Chiarcos, Joe Gravina and the guitar of Steve Bigas were the perfect fit for this rising star.
Recording her record at Porcelain Records with no less than Dan Lanois  producing, you know the result would be nothing less than stellar.
Brave, beautiful and bursting with promise, everything Laura Cole touches is turning to pure gold, a shiny and pure reflection of the girl herself.
Big grins, big hearts and a real treat for your eyes and ears… only on Barber Shop Podcast.




Robin Benedict

You don’t get much for free in these parts, and Robin Benedict has earned a spot in the finals.
Black Irish soul, Hamilton sass and sensibilities, Robin Benedict makes every step in the right direction. Karaoke singer come rock Queen, she figured it out as she went along, all the time earning respect and followers on her journey.
Born from the fires of this very town, her original music, voice and style proved too much for even the most jaded in this tune soaked town.
Add to bye fact that she brought the likes of Brennan Burns and Duane Rutter on to  flesh out her stories but demonstrates the taste that us evident in every nite.
Truly blessed to have such a stunning beauty, such a charming woman, such a beautiful soul in Robin Benedict on this epic episode of Barber Shop Podcast




Scotty Bakalar

Scotty Bakalar has a lot to be thankful for these days. Making music as a way of life, fate ensured that his present would always serve his future. Fatherhood and heavy responsibilities made no room for the old model, but his decision to keep making music made sure that when he pursued film and journalism, the seeker in him was satiated while the techno geek was fulfilled.
Never one to refuse an opportunity,
Bakalar rose thru the commercial video word as his personal world bumped down life’s cart path. Trials and tribulations made for the tinder of creativity and as he raised his daughter Hannah, he began to record the many songs that would fill his creative mind in his bedroom studio in Selkirk. Those songs kept the process alive until a meeting on a beach with a spirit bear. Immediately accepted I to the family with genuine love, Scotty Bakalar sang and played his heart out in the company of kindred spirits.
This night we find Scotty dropping by with four brand new offerings, each one a heartfelt and honest tale from the very soul.
Never a bad show, this relaxed and spirited episode gives as good as it gets