Radio Free Universe

Great original music from the Steel City is what we do here and there is all kinds to be found. Brewed and crewed right here, singer/songwriter George Panagoulos saw the chops and presence of guitarist Marcus Starr and bassist Ryan Davie in another outfit and knew they were tailor made for his latest project that would become Radio Free Universe. When the crack of Ashton Normans whip is added to the mix, the end result is superlative groove rock that is fiercely original yet hearkens to so many of the legends in style and substance. Radio Free Universe has carver out a worldwide following by always being front runners in the shifting sands of digital promotion and distribution. Displaying a determination to succeed, the band continues to record and tour, preparing for the release of their yet unnamed upcoming album.

Live, in studio, we have all the guys on hand to debut a few brand new numbers that you’re sure to love. Always bringing the good stuff, Radio Free Universe kicks back and tells us their stories in word and song – and they’re goodies!


Smoke Wagon Blues Band

The Smoke Wagon Blues Band are perhaps one of the great secrets of an otherwise wide-open musical city Together with guitarist mike Stubbs, singer/front-man Corey Lueck (Luke) have played smoldering, sexy, cocksure blues since the late 90s.

Hamilton TH&B thru and thru, the addition of premier players like sax man Gordon Aeichele, drummer Tibor Lukacs, and Jason Colavecchia the die was cast.
Speaking of the the human condition   through the blues, Smoke Wagon Blues Band are high and tight, and without a doubt have perfected their sound to the point of sublime perfection.

Check out a great slice of Hamilton music history, still bearing the bitter sweet fruit of the blues.
Original music from Hamilton, real and real good… Here on Barber Shop Podcast


Sloppy Jalopy

Country swamp sock hop rock n’ roll  isn’t a genre you will find easily but when you get a taste you will be hooked for sure. When Hamilton guitar King Craig Koshul was looking for a tasty side project aside from his founding duties in Burnin’ Eyhyl, he tapped “Busker” Al Barubek to write some wry, rye soaked tunes that could fill a dance floor and the tavern cash register. Common interests and productive writing sessions have produced a unique brand of music that defies easy description while at the same time being readily accessible and user friendly.
Marty Robbins and Robert Gordon meet up at a rodeo and drink a little with Blue Rodeo begins to set the stage for this band of miscreants as the rhythm section of bassist Jim Blair and drummer Deryke Spriggs provide the slap and groove to get the party started.
Fresh from the studio, Sloppy Jalopy bring some cuts from their debut album Side Of The Road to Barber Shop Podcast along with their unique sense of purpose, humour and fashion.
You can’t make this stuff up – and if you could you’re in big, big trouble.


Mimi Shaw

Some of the greatest finds come from looking a little harder for that certain thing. Mimi Shaw was always wrapped in music, deep Scottish roots providing the familial sustenance and the unfolding Canadian musical scene serving to frame the style and sensibilities of an important contributor. Toronto born and bread, Mimi Shaw came to Hamilton in 1990 to live with her sister Sandy and her rock star husband Tom Wilson. A clear and present insight into this musical wonderland was front and centre as the desire to write and record grew along with her personal journey. From the rock n billy sounds of Rat Bastard to the sublime partnerships with Wilson and Colin Cripps, her sweet songs of timeless emotion, the heart of a poet shines through in the most musical of ways.
Gathering her wit and wisdom in a hauntingly beautiful fashion, Mimi Shaw has brought her music and her magic to BOXO Studio and Barber Shop Podcast for a great night of music and a great time had by all.


Tomi Swick and Andy Griffiths

On any given night in Hamilton you can find incredible original music. Native son Tomi Seick has been playing out since his youth and the sepia tinged images he delivers with sonic integrity made him someone to watch from that early age. Developing quickly into his own vision of a modern day troubadour, Swick has managed to curry the favor of record labels and coffee houses at the same time. Growing his repertoire and reputation over the years made for a strong and gentle soul that is not afraid to stand up and be counted.
Andy Griffiths is another singer songwriter who hails from Burlington but delves deeply into the Hamilton scene.  Hooking up at an open mic, the brotherhood bore fruit as Griffiths was able to blossom with the help of a tight knit musical community, no one more prominent in the transformation than Tomi, and the genuine affection and appreciation is evident as  both men move towards their next albums.
Never doubt the ability of Barber a Shop Podcast to bring you the very best of real music from Hamilton. No matter the hour, regardless of circumstance , the tunes will get through.
Late night/early morning shenanigans with the very talented Tomi Swick and Andy Griffiths on your screen, courtesy of Kevin , Ryan, and Barber Shop Podcast


Dead End Sessions

Hamilton draws from a wide swath of real estate in Southern Ontario and Dunnville. Nate Waldes packed up his guitar, girlfriend and talent and took his music to the Steel City in 2012 looking for a band of brothers.  Dead End Sessions was a hard rocking band wrapped around drummer Adam Plasko and bassist Troy Mosley and guitarist Benning steeped in the waters of Tool, Rage Against The Machine and classic rock like Zeppelin. The addition of Waldes brought with it a myriad of influences, not the least was the fold, funk and most importantly, reggae. Suddenly the sound of freedom had a definite made-in-Hamilton sensibility to it and it’s really good.
Dropping by to share the music, the love and a few beers, the boys are in fine form with some great live performances and a few choice cuts from their new CD, SLAM PHUNK.
Happy to hang five on a gorgeous July night, the Deaf End Session boys bring it hard and sweet, an intoxicating combination.
Sit back and groove to the sounds of Dead End Sessions on episode #85 of Barber Shop Podcast


Exile on King Street

BOXO Studio is the place where broadcast from each and every week. We do good things here, really good things with music as an agent of change. Music should be powerful and evocative, teaching and healing. Music tells a story of yesterday, today and tomorrow, always a perfect snapshot.
There is an album by the most famous rock and roll band ever that stands one as a testament to the overlooked greatness of 1972. Sprawling and dangerous, EXILE ON MAIN STREET was never meant to be anything other than a snapshot of time, heroin soaked and resplendent in it’s messy glory. Eighteen songs in total and clocking in at an hour and a half, EXILE ON MAIN STREET is considered among the greatest rock albums of all time – and nobody has ever heard of it!!!  Precious little exists in a vacuum, but this album has kept legitimate and credible for all these years, and it was the perfect vehicle for BOXO Studio to put into an incredible live music performance featuring over 20 of our past and future guests from the musical hotbed of Hamilton Ontario on Thursday July 3, 2014 at The Casbah, 306 King St. W. In Hamilton.
Never let it be said that we at Barber Shoo Podcast don’t put out mouth where our money is, as we sit down the night before the big rock show with just a few of the players and talk about this album, this project, this thing we do.


Flamingo Bay

It’s the story of another hardscrabble band out of the Hammer, nothing special there, for there are many. Flamingo Bay is a pretty damn hard rocking three piece, belying the rather tame sounding name. Comprised of Dillon Henningson, Kris Gies and Vince Rankin, the long traveled evolution of the band has settled on the formula for making their own brand of northern swamp rock.

Having recorded their debut album at Porcelain Records in Hamilton, the 9 song LOCO PONY is full bore and full value. Always ready to play and be heard, the sound of earnest blue collar rock n roll will always find an audience, certainly in a place like Hamilton.
Stopping by on a summers night, the guys in Flamingo Bay play acoustic, spin a few tunes and ride the buzz at Barber Shop Podcast


Troy Harmer and the Persuaders

Right around that magic age of 12 or 13, Troy Harmer fell hard for the sound of the electric guitar and the creation of music. Living, breathing music that sprung from fingers and mouths, not from the television or radio was the music environment that quickly saw the love of rock guitar lead to the honest strut of the great bluesmen in our past and present world. Writing original music and stretching his wings, Harmer melded the polished chops of a legitimate guitar slinger with a myriad of personal musical influences on 1999′s Troy Harmer and Infinity.  Focusing today more on the strong polish of a front running blues outfit, the combination of Harmer and  bassist Alyssa DuPuis and Steve Tomalty bring the confident groove of Freddie King, Robert Cray and Buddy Guy to bear on some of the most appealing original blues to ever come out of the Hammer.
Wrapping up production on their new CD – Born to Sing the Blues, Troy Harmer and the Persuaders drop by Barber Shop Podcast with an early copy to play as well as ripping up the joint with some searing live rockin blues and a treat for our fans.
The real deal, honest and goodness – every week at Barber Shop Podcast


Lee Baby Sims

Just when you think all your regulars are too bald to come by much anymore, and the young guns just don’t care – the door opens and in walks the future.Born from the fertile ground of Sauce Rocket, Porcelain Youth, Sebastian Paige and The Virginia Wolves and Gentlemen Spectres, the trio of Pete Moss, Scott Marsh and Adam Cannon were playing real gigs in real bands before they could drive. Bloodlines from The Florida Razors, tutelage from the Jennings, and many shows served to make them great players and now make Lee Baby Sims a legitimate Hamilton supergroup.

Funny, smart, and hot on the heels of their recording at Rattlebox North, the boys stop in for a late show and deliver six live performances in addition to world debuting their first single – Stick in the Mud – just for is here at Barber Shop Podcast.
These guys still have they new band smell, and boy-oh-boy, does it ever smell good.
Awesome goodness with Lee Baby Sims – at Barber Shop Podcast