Raymond Materick, Kevin Barber, Ryan Cannon

This week on Kevin’s Barber Shop, Raymond Materick drops in to share some of his appreciable talent in the studio. A 40 year veteran of the music industry, Raymond Materick has been a prolific songwriter, his unique voice and vision a watermark on the Canadian landscape. Playing tracks from both his PEACE ON EARTH project as well as the brand new HOME SWEET HOME material, Raymond also shares his insights on the song writing process, the state of the industry, and plays live for our enjoyment. Sit back, turn it up, and enjoy a true Canadian song writing icon as he gives it up for you – on Kevin’s Barber Shop!




Chris and Christa Bradbury, Orange McFarland, Kevin Barber, Ryan Cannon

The banter is bountiful at Kevin’s Barber Shop this week as Kevin and Ryan welcome three members of Social Animals, a brazenly original outfit from here in Hamilton, Ontario. The streets can be a cruel place, they take and give, they carry our baggage and our dreams. No strangers to the hard road traveled, Chris and Christa Bradbury are joined by bassist Orange McFarland to chat and play live in the studio, swap stories and tell their story. So, consider yourself privileged to hear some new recorded material with drummer Dave Guild, just sit back and enjoy the vibe at Kevin’s Barber Shop with the life and times of Social Animals, another incredible talent from Hamilton.




Grahm Peacefull, Joey Baldicchi, Kevin Barber, Ryan Cannon

Blind Mule founders Grahm Peacefull and Joey Baldicchi drop by the Barber Shop for a buzz. Talking about life, and life in music Episode 2 of The Barber Shop is a revelation of talent and passion.  Listen in as Kevin and Ryan welcome two really cool heads to the show, and enjoy the minds and music of Blind Mule.