Tommy Gunn, Kirk Douglas, Kevin Barber, Ryan Cannon

Tommy Gunn is about Hamilton rock n roll. The son of legendary sax player and music icon Sonny Del Rio, Tommy Gunn grew up in the thick of it. One gets to know a thing or two about performance and production when surrounded by people like Kelly Jay, Richard Newell, Ray Materick and Jack Pedler, It’s safe to say there was a good idea about good music in the house. Release The Hounds, a 13 song CD is something altogether unique and nicely familiar at the same time. High grade rock like Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Judas Priest and Black Sabbath were strong influences on Tommy Gunn as he worked with some of Hamilton’s elite such as Neil Nickafor and Mark Gemmell on the recording of Release The Hounds at Cellar Full Of Noise studio. Rock and Roll has got a friend in Tommy Gunn, and he’s here with his manager, Kirk Douglas to talk about music and life – being good.


Edgar Breau, Kevin Barber, Ryan Cannon

Ed loves a good shave and some chat at the Barber Shop. Edgar Breau has crafted a musical career that has been at once both trend setting and reflective – born from the love of the obscure, the bold and the cryptic. These streets of Hamilton in the 70’s gave birth the kind of eclectic, experimental music that eventually formed into Simply Saucer, a band secure in it’s place amongst the truly significant musical entities, and not just around these parts. Thirty years later, Edgar Breau is making waves as a gifted singer/songwriter playing and singing roots driven tales that dig deep. So sit back as Ed plays in studio and we spin from his latest release Patches of Blue and another gem, Canadian Primitive. Who’s up next?


Craig F. Watkins, Kevin Barber, Ryan Cannon

For some, movies can be a big, ugly, expensive exercise.
In the case of Craig F. Watkins, they can be sharp, funny, and a real life experience thru and thru.

Writer/comedian Watkins drops by the Barber Shop Podcast to talk about his life as a movie maker, stand up comic, and one man film company.

Craig’s latest movie THE STORE is a dark comedy about a couple of friends who hatch a plan that takes them to places they didn’t see coming. Much like his own life where destiny and design dance together in uneasy time, THE STORE is a unique piece of independent film making that has been making waves across Canada. Using his fiends from the world of stand-up-comedy as talent, Craig F. Watkins does it his way – and we like the results!

Tune in – sit down and relax – you’re amongst friends at Kevin’s Barber Shop

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