Craig F. Watkins, Kevin Barber, Ryan Cannon

For some, movies can be a big, ugly, expensive exercise.
In the case of Craig F. Watkins, they can be sharp, funny, and a real life experience thru and thru.

Writer/comedian Watkins drops by the Barber Shop Podcast to talk about his life as a movie maker, stand up comic, and one man film company.

Craig’s latest movie THE STORE is a dark comedy about a couple of friends who hatch a plan that takes them to places they didn’t see coming. Much like his own life where destiny and design dance together in uneasy time, THE STORE is a unique piece of independent film making that has been making waves across Canada. Using his fiends from the world of stand-up-comedy as talent, Craig F. Watkins does it his way – and we like the results!

Tune in – sit down and relax – you’re amongst friends at Kevin’s Barber Shop

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