Tommy Gunn, Kirk Douglas, Kevin Barber, Ryan Cannon

Tommy Gunn is about Hamilton rock n roll. The son of legendary sax player and music icon Sonny Del Rio, Tommy Gunn grew up in the thick of it. One gets to know a thing or two about performance and production when surrounded by people like Kelly Jay, Richard Newell, Ray Materick and Jack Pedler, It’s safe to say there was a good idea about good music in the house. Release The Hounds, a 13 song CD is something altogether unique and nicely familiar at the same time. High grade rock like Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Judas Priest and Black Sabbath were strong influences on Tommy Gunn as he worked with some of Hamilton’s elite such as Neil Nickafor and Mark Gemmell on the recording of Release The Hounds at Cellar Full Of Noise studio. Rock and Roll has got a friend in Tommy Gunn, and he’s here with his manager, Kirk Douglas to talk about music and life – being good.