Cadillac Bill, Mike Holler, Kevin Barber, Ryan Cannon


It’s hard to find a more unique cat in the music game, let alone someone so hard to pigeon hole. Gobsmacked by the visual and sonic excess of Gary Glitter and Kiss, a young Bill Boyd Wilson knew damn well that his future would involve fire, lights, explosions,….and bubbles.
Cadillac Bill can’t be called a musician. He’s a performance artist that uses music as one of his vehicles of expression – and the topics he expresses range from murder to cannibalism.
This weeks Barber Shop Podcast sees Bill sit down with long time conspirator and wickedly funny Mike Holler and talks to Kevin and Ryan about the life and times of Cadillac Bill, showing off his latest DVD – The Cadillac Bill Story.
If you tire of the same old-same old, then you need to tune into this episode and learn about life in the fringes. Way out fringes.