Dave Rave, Kevin Barber, Ryan Cannon

No look at Hamilton rock n roll can be complete without taking a long hard look at Mr. Dave DeRoches, aka, Dave Rave.  The Raver has been singing and playing since he was a child, and when a 15 yr. old Frankie Kerr (Venom) asked him to jam in high school, a career that spans 40 years began in earnest.  A founding member of The Shakers, Dave’s involvement in the Hamilton punk/power pop scene included a long relationship playing with Teenage Head and then launched him to New York City to become a force that grew in chops and influence. Working relationships with Coyote Shivers and Lauren Agnelli began projects that still bear fruit today.

Dave is home in Hamilton for a bit and he’s here at Kevin’s Barber Shop to play some history, new and old, live and recorded. Tickled pink to be hanging out with one if the truly great ones.

Ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Dave Rave!