Jack Pedler, Kevin Barber, Ryan Cannon

Jack Pedler is…well…Jack Pedler. An altogether one of a kind, Jack has been at the top of his musical game for fifty years now. Gigging out at age 11, Jack Pedler comes from a musical family, his drumming both evocative and unique. Strip joints, rock and roll royalty, have all served as venues and vehicles to showcase this drummer’s drummer over the years. While serving as timekeeper to so many musicians Jack has amassed a résumé that is unparalleled in so many ways.

Jack plays with so many great people, you’d be forgiven for not knowing he’s a prolific writer and solo recording artist as well.

Come on and take a bit to find out what makes this deeply deep man tick, how being smart and dumb, ugly and beautiful, political and perverse can be done.

Uncensored, all out – at the Barber Shop Podcast