Mackenzie Kristjon, Kevin Barber, Ryan Cannon

Mackenzie Kristjon is hard to define and be likes it that way. A Icelandic Norseman who lays down his own brand of rock n roll that touches on history and histrionics.
Pixies hang with Neil Young and David Bowie and are raised with the huldufolk in Winnipeg.  That kid is raised in a supportive musical family, and grows into a young man making music in the bright southern Ontario lights of Guelph. Here we are, in Hamilton, the volcano is thrown another brick of fire. Mac has a sound and sensibility that speaks of life with inflections ranging from Sabbath to the Salads.
Something cool is happening at Kevin’s Barber Shop with Ryan and Kevin bobbing and weaving with the smart, funny and oh so real – Mackenzie Kristjon.