Alex MacDougall, Kevin Barber, Ryan Cannon

Alex MacDougall, or LX as he’s often known, is a musician’s musician with 40 some odd years playing alongside some of the truly great artists to come out of Hamilton and from the very earliest of days, Alex has honed his chops on the kind of guitar licks that could melt a lollipop. Both a world class guitar player and engineer/producer, he is someone who has traded licks and cut records with the likes of Harrison Kennedy, King Biscuit Boy, Kelly Jay and Crowbar as well as many many others too numerous to mention.

This episode of Kevin’s Barber Shop Podcast plays 16 tracks featuring the work of Alex MacDougall with gems from a long career including Harrison Kennedy and the Rocking Hurricanes, Blackwood Point, True Spirit with Ray Marerick, Trailblazers, LX solo work as well as some brand-new-never-been-played-on-air material from his present powerhouse outfit, Groove Corporation.

It’s a history, a legacy.

Sit down, take your spot and listen in as Kevin has a good two hours with one of the major players in town, Alex MacDougall.



Vaporizer recording

Episode 21 of Barber Shop Podcast finds the Alec Baldwin of the show Mike Holler along with guitar slinger and fellow Hamilton soldier Craig Gory take the next step in our relationship with The VAPORIZER – recording a demo. There are 1,000 ways to record a song, and this is not one of them. Well, unless you’re us that is. Two weeks ago a few nuggets were born from a writing session two weeks earlier and one was chosen to record online  live for all to see. It’s a relaxed night at BOXO Studio as Kevin, Ryan, Mike and Craig take the bare bones of a tune and multiple-track it old school. Shits and giggles ensue as an anthem to a obelisk of group worship, The VAPORIZER. It takes balls and talent to pull this kind of shit off and you’re about to be chin deep in both on part 2 of our version of the birth of a song.

Now sit down.


Kevin Barber, Ryan Cannon

Shit happens. And she a shit is what you make it, Scheduled guest Steve Foster was struck down but Kev and Ryan are more than willing to step up to the plate with an impromptu show for the ages. 

2003 was a year of fire and fury, perhaps the last great year of in your face, balls to the wall, bar rock n roll on a regular basis. Smoking and snorting and drinking and screwing was the order of the day and the boys were there to set the fuse. Listen in as Ryan and Kevin tell the Captain Easy story like you were there. 

Cuz you are there.


Craig Gory, Mike Holler, Mike Rittenhouse, Kevin Barber, Ryan Cannon

Well…. It could have been worse, much worse.

The idea was to try out the new uploading speed with a video podcast streamed live to You Tube. To risk a band’s reputation with untried technology would be risky – but not as risky as what we decided to try to pull off on Barber Shop Podcast Episode  19. Why not put three musicians, the two of us, and a whole lotta booze in one room and try to create something from scratch. None of these guys have ever sat down with each other before now, and the task of setting up and sitting down was one we relished.

Join us as Mike Holler, Craig Gory and Mike Rittenhouse see if there is any truth to the story that songs are just waiting there to be written.  The boys talk about what makes a good song then try to actually risk tragedy by mixing music and alcohol in a mission to see what the hell happens when universes collide.
It could have been much worse..


Part 1

Part 2