Alex MacDougall, Kevin Barber, Ryan Cannon

Alex MacDougall, or LX as he’s often known, is a musician’s musician with 40 some odd years playing alongside some of the truly great artists to come out of Hamilton and from the very earliest of days, Alex has honed his chops on the kind of guitar licks that could melt a lollipop. Both a world class guitar player and engineer/producer, he is someone who has traded licks and cut records with the likes of Harrison Kennedy, King Biscuit Boy, Kelly Jay and Crowbar as well as many many others too numerous to mention.

This episode of Kevin’s Barber Shop Podcast plays 16 tracks featuring the work of Alex MacDougall with gems from a long career including Harrison Kennedy and the Rocking Hurricanes, Blackwood Point, True Spirit with Ray Marerick, Trailblazers, LX solo work as well as some brand-new-never-been-played-on-air material from his present powerhouse outfit, Groove Corporation.

It’s a history, a legacy.

Sit down, take your spot and listen in as Kevin has a good two hours with one of the major players in town, Alex MacDougall.