Craig Gory, Mike Holler, Mike Rittenhouse, Kevin Barber, Ryan Cannon

Well…. It could have been worse, much worse.

The idea was to try out the new uploading speed with a video podcast streamed live to You Tube. To risk a band’s reputation with untried technology would be risky – but not as risky as what we decided to try to pull off on Barber Shop Podcast Episode  19. Why not put three musicians, the two of us, and a whole lotta booze in one room and try to create something from scratch. None of these guys have ever sat down with each other before now, and the task of setting up and sitting down was one we relished.

Join us as Mike Holler, Craig Gory and Mike Rittenhouse see if there is any truth to the story that songs are just waiting there to be written.  The boys talk about what makes a good song then try to actually risk tragedy by mixing music and alcohol in a mission to see what the hell happens when universes collide.
It could have been much worse..


Part 1

Part 2