Vaporizer recording

Episode 21 of Barber Shop Podcast finds the Alec Baldwin of the show Mike Holler along with guitar slinger and fellow Hamilton soldier Craig Gory take the next step in our relationship with The VAPORIZER – recording a demo. There are 1,000 ways to record a song, and this is not one of them. Well, unless you’re us that is. Two weeks ago a few nuggets were born from a writing session two weeks earlier and one was chosen to record online  live for all to see. It’s a relaxed night at BOXO Studio as Kevin, Ryan, Mike and Craig take the bare bones of a tune and multiple-track it old school. Shits and giggles ensue as an anthem to a obelisk of group worship, The VAPORIZER. It takes balls and talent to pull this kind of shit off and you’re about to be chin deep in both on part 2 of our version of the birth of a song.

Now sit down.