Buckshot Bebee

It’s not often when a lady stops by the barber shop for a visit, but when so blessed, the place lights up with class and confidence.  Multiple media artist Lynne “Buckshot” Bebee has had a place in the hearts and minds of music lovers thru her evolution in this genre from the early days of the Sapphire Fly Band to the acclaimed Poisoned Aeros, The Evelyn Dycks and now to her present ensemble Buckshot Bebee and the Secret Boyfriends. To be sure, she has put up – and shut them up.

Hot off the presses we’re pleased to play a couple of tracks from her new release Merchants Of Youth and catch a couple live numbers along with stories and memories and laughs galore.

Take a bit if time to get to know a great piece of Hamilton music history past and present.





Burnin` Ethyl

If there is a brand of rock and roll that’s as strong as a Chevy and as slick as a fresh jar of Dax jumping to real rock n roll. If you’ve ever wondered what the fuck happened after Teenage Head and the Shakers, I got a 25 year story of straight up Hamilton rock roll that still thrives today.

Picture the dance floor heaving with inked ladies and every Joe as the infectious groove incites a coil of energy that leaves the crowd wanting more. And more, and more.

Check out this awesome time talking and drinking and laughing and listening to over 90 minutes of some of the greatest guys who ever rocked this town so good, for so long.

Ladies and Gentlemen,
Burnin’ Ethyl



Sebastian Paige & the Virginia Wolves, Kevin Barber, Ryan Cannon

Style is timeless, for in time the truly classic reappear on the horizon. Given time, the songs that spoke to generations will once again be heard and influence the next generation.

Sebastian Paige and the Virginia Wolves are about a year into a journey that will take them on a journey both real and metaphysical.  Formed from an East Mountain high school scene, the VW have managed to play homage to the classics with a reverence and style that belies their musical chops.  Music school and mischief gave the boys an excuse to bring to life some truly great tunes with a unique turn, not owning it but certainly branding if.

Sit down and see how the talent in Hamilton treats some of the tunes that made magic moments.  Truly a great treat with live banter and acoustic renditions mixed with some very cool recordings of Sebastian Paige and the Virginia Wolves




Blacken`d Red, Kevin Barber, Ryan Cannon

Looking good and sounding incredible, Hamilton’s Blacken’d Red is a certified, hard core, full on rock n roll sensation.  Serious as fuck about having a good time, this band has been turning heads since its inception. A rebirth of sorts when Iggy hooked up with Brian, Jack and Dave, Blacken’d Red has been grabbing huge respect and accolades as perhaps the last, and first great LA rock sound to hybrid itself with this meaty music market.

There are lessons to be learned at The Barber Shop and all it takes is for you to come in and sit down while the conversation and music flow with Iggy and Brian in studio.
It’s a great time with two of our ambassadors of rock talking it up at BOXO Studio as Kevin and Ryan get cracking with the boys from Blacken’d Red.




Spin Dizzy, Kevin Barber, Ryan Cannon

Hell or high water, SPIN DIZZY is sure to be there. If Hamilton rock includes the balls-to-the-walls styling a of KISS, Pretty Boy Floyd, Poison and the Crüe, then SPIN DIZZY is Hamilton as it gets. The 4some of Tyson Meloche, Eric Famous, P.J. and Mitch Payment make up one of the Hammer’s most gritty rock n roll entities.

Make no mistake about it, these guys work hard at the job of rock, and tell a story of who, when, and why the rubber hit the road in this storied outfit.

Sit back, relax and soak in the SPIN DIZZY story on episode #23 of Barber Shop Podcast.