Sebastian Paige & the Virginia Wolves, Kevin Barber, Ryan Cannon

Style is timeless, for in time the truly classic reappear on the horizon. Given time, the songs that spoke to generations will once again be heard and influence the next generation.

Sebastian Paige and the Virginia Wolves are about a year into a journey that will take them on a journey both real and metaphysical.  Formed from an East Mountain high school scene, the VW have managed to play homage to the classics with a reverence and style that belies their musical chops.  Music school and mischief gave the boys an excuse to bring to life some truly great tunes with a unique turn, not owning it but certainly branding if.

Sit down and see how the talent in Hamilton treats some of the tunes that made magic moments.  Truly a great treat with live banter and acoustic renditions mixed with some very cool recordings of Sebastian Paige and the Virginia Wolves