Wax Mannequin

Wax Mannequin is a one man storybook – tome teller, melody maker and definitely not “on the nose”.
Unique, refreshing, fragile yet steely – this is an individual who has made himself a solid reputation by being able to transcend the mortal coil. Darkly positive, his songs are familiar and hypnotic, deep and absolutely unique.

Check out the strange and wonderful world of Wax Mannequin as he slips into the chair at Barber Shop Podcast


Sonny Del-Rio

Dennis Grasley is quite possibly the best damn sax player you have ever heard. Better known as Sonny Del Rio, “Gramps” Grasley has been the go-to sax man for literally half a century. From the sock hops to the nightclubs of 1950’s Hamilton, Sonny has brought his own style to dozens of recordings and scores of performances over the years.  Not one to stay still for long, the boundless energy that the music has bestowed upon him makes Sonny Del Rio not only a local hero, but also a real honest-to-goodness legend.

Tune in to episode #32 as Kevin and Ryan get a chance to hang out with the saxiest man, hands down, Sonny Del Rio.





Steve Foster

Steve Foster grew up in the thick of it, and it shows.  A neighbourhood child to those early rock icons, Steve had the likes of Teenage Head, The Shakers, Tim Gibbons, Dave Rave all in the hood.  Gigging early and often, he has managed to work with pretty well everyone one way or another. Guitar slinger,singer, songwriter, producer, engineer, all in a day’s work for him, a Hamilton boy through and through.

Join us as we look at the work of Steve Foster and his contributions to such great acts as Crawlin Kingsnakes, Stoked, Simply Saucer – and much more from Barber Shop Podcast

Pretty Archie

Pretty Archie hails from the fertile grounds of Cape Breton, these boys have the kind of cool ease and earnest music that makes them a Canadian Classic. Brian Cathcart, Matt McNeil, Colin Gillis and Redmond McDougall have the kind of chemistry that makes feet tap and taps fill glasses.

From the get-go this quartet have blended tradition and originality to create an infectious sound with a heart of gold.
Together for just over a year, the boys have come by the Barber Shop to play and sing sweet harmonies as well as letting us hear some tracks from their new CD Steel City – recorded at Grant Avenue Studios in Hamilton. Tireless work and fierce friendships shine thru as we get to hang with the lads in Pretty Archie – at Barber Shop Podcast




Steven Dall

There are many sides to the music business and Steven Dall has been on pretty well all of them. From the mercurial Water Can formed during his halcyon days at Carleton University in Ottawa, to his present role as Nashville songwriter, he has paid his dues and learned his lessons well.

If you’ve ever wondered how a germ of an idea forms into a finished, recorded, published song, this is a good one to hunker down to.  Steve is not only an accomplished musician but he’s also one hell of a funny, interesting, smart, cynical, sarcastic sweetheart of an individual. Join us as we are privileged to have Steven Dall looking and sounding so damn good – at the Barber Shop Podcast