Top Dead Centre

We are blessed in this town with a wealth of musical goodness and it is no exaggeration to say the talent we are see week to week is the equal of any around.  Once again we bring you some Hamilton brand rock n roll with the power and handling it takes to make your name in the game.

Top Dead Centre is where your timing is referenced and your machine runs best. It is also the name of one of Hamilton’s best original rock outfits, reaching back over a decade.  The current line up of David Russ on guitar and lead vocals, Jim McLean on lead guitar and vocals, Ian Nielsen on bass and drummer Mike Cotton are playing some big shows in support of their latest CD  Take Another Breath with the likes of Blue Coupe (BOC & Alice Cooper) as well as metal icons UFO.

A nice mix of chat, live and choice album cuts await in the next 90 minutes as Kevin and Ryan sit down with local boys made good n’ loud,… TOP DEAD CENTRE





If you think great music is comprised of passion and tension, then PERENNIALS have the key to greatness. Husband and wife team Christopher and Monica Wilson make sparks fly and the sublime bass work of Pete Grove frames the drama that unfolds. This latest version of veteran Hamilton rockers PERENNIALS is a lean, mean, stripped down version of the kind of melodic metal that touches many great faces in music.

Find out a few new things about these folks in episode #35 of Kevin and Ryan’s good ol Barber Shop Podcast. It’s a goodie


Monkeys With Machetes

A young, hard driving, hard working band with a lot to offer, Monkeys With Machetes have the right attitude to make a serious mark on the tough music crowd in Hamilton. If you like loud guitars, screaming in key and a homogeneous blend of classic rock, metal and hard blues – then these lads have the tonic for what ails ya. Straight from the heart of Hamilton, a group of four musicians have put together something crazy and dangerous, fun and smartly tuned.

So drop in for an hour or so of music and stories featuring some new and old live in – studio selections as well as three tracks from their upcoming self titled EP.

Monkeys With Machetes. Be afraid. Be very afraid.