Radio Free Universe

Half the band dropped in to get buzzed at Barber Shop Podcast as George Panagopoulos and Ryan Davie from RADIO FREE UNIVERSE bless us with their rock n roll presence.

Purely Hamilton, killer axe men abound with all these Ontario boys. George Panagopoulos was actually Toronto by way of Los Angeles, but we’ll forgive him for that now that he’s here.
Born to rock, tight as a tiger and ready to go – this band has been garnering worldwide attention with (actually) millions of new fans who know some awesome music when they hear it.
We will spin some great tunes from their new CD 13 Day Hangover featuring the stellar driving source Marcus Star and a quite sublime Ashton Norman drumming for the band.

Rock and roll has always been about fearlessness and rebellion. In this day and age, consider yourself lucky to have a homegrown outfit so damn talented and loaded for bear. Give this episode a spin as Kevin and Ryan ask the eternal question. – “WHAT DO TOU WANT TO DO WITH YOUR LIFE”?

Don’t miss a damn minute of this damn fine show as some creative mo fo’s fill our ears with candy


Chris Houston

Chris Houston was playing music before he joined up with the Forgotten Rebels as a 16 year old high school kid.

Extensive touring and recording prepared him for the long and varied career in the music industry, still recording, still performing some of the most sly and wry material around. Long a student and now a teacher of music and things Hamilton, solo projects and collaborations with the cream of the crop have yielded a bumper crop of fine music indeed.

Never one to rest on yesterday’s laurels, Chris Houston drops by with his new 7″ 45rpm and some very rare gems for all of us to enjoy on The Barber Shop Podcast!



Being in the Barber Shop, you see all kinds over the years. Fashion and style might change, but a classic look lasts through the fads and trends.

Pretty near thirty years after being a hyped up b-boy from the Big O (Oakville) in the era where your musical passions and chops were the tunic you wore into an adolescent war like we all do.  His was the world of Chuck D, Run DMC, Beasties and  anything else outa Compton.  As much as anything, the birth, progression and current state of rap, hop hop, and urban music make a good chunk of the time in the chair with Mac-N-Awe MacDonald as we spin some classics ahead of three killer tracks from his new album.

Never hurts to say high to an old friend at the Barber Shop Podcast – until the next morning anyway.


Glen “The Hamilton Kid”

In all honesty, punks don’t really give a shit what you think, but Glen has earned a place in Hamilton Oi history.

Steel Town born and bred, The Hamilton Kid devoured the works of The Exploited, The Clash, Sex Pistols and Forgotten Rebels, forming a hard edged, sweet centred treat for the ears over his formative years. Vinyl and leather were the soap box that a young man could scream his mantra from in a post-industrial world where what you see is not at all what you get.

Sit back and soak in the life and times of one of the guys who has made music so much more than a pastime. Let the needle drop on another smoking episode of Barber Shop Podcast


BSP Retrospective

It’s summertime and the living is easy. Nothing better on a warm summers day than sitting back, pouring a cool beverage and soaking up an hour or so of some beautiful Hamilton music courtesy Barber Shop Podcast – Episode #37

Kev and Ryan feature some of the esteemed guests that have been part of the podcast since it began in November, building a killer playlist in the process.  The chat is at a minimum in this one, the two of us happy to just revisit some of the world class music on hand. We settled quickly on these ones, well aware that there is so much more available for future shows.

So, without further waiting, here are the featured artists on this episode of Kevin’s Barber Shop Podcast.

Alex MacDougall
Sonny Del Rio
Blacknd’ Red
Steve Negus
Ray Materick
Blind Mule
Spin Dizzy
Steve Foster
Steve Sinnicks
Pretty Archie

Good stuff for sure.