Bill Majoros/The Foreign Films

Sometimes music is your best friend, your only friend. All three of these folks had an early, committed relationship with music. Embracing both the instrument as well as the mindset, Bill Majoros rose to note in early outfits like Altogether Morris, A Universal Honey and the critically acclaimed Flux AD.. Recently Majoros has crafted his soundscapes as The Foreign Films and the recent additions of Kori Pop and Anna Jarvis make the cake rise with grace and passion . A whole batch of brand new songs performed live at this formative juncture and a very cool creatively ad hoc video frame up some history and insights of Bill Majoros and The Foreign Films. Join Kevin, Ryan and two wonderful ladies in Kori Pop and Anna Jarvis getting relaxed and kicked back with this week’s Hamilton heavyweight, Bill Majoros



Dawn Before Descent

Youth is sometimes wasted on the young, but not in this case. A couple of primary school buds get together to thrash out some electric noise and before long they are writing original tunes and playing gigs. Dean Irvine (guitar/vox) and Mike Park (bass) chewed through a few drummers before hooking up with Gabe Bitti this year and the pudding was 100 proof.

Releasing their self titled CD in February and garnering a Hamilton Music Award has made quite a few people look up and take notice.

Showing skills beyond their years, these three are on their way and there ain’t nothing going to stop them.

Check out the live vibe as they lay it down for you – only at Barber Shop Podcast.



When Joe Varga met Dan Fila in grade 2, one of Canadian metal’s premier rhythm sections was born. A mutual love of music meant that frequent jams soon led to bands soaked in the tradition of Rush, Kiss, and the second wave of UK speed demons such as Iron Maiden and Judas Priest.

Flash to the halcyon days of the late 80’s and early 90’s and the boys were pushing the limits with guitarists Sean Williamson and Adam Alex in VARGA, blowing people away with their own brand of thrash metal.  Counting the likes of Dimebag Darryl and Rob Halford as fans, this was a group on a serious mission.

A ton of touring, press and plain hard work saw them signed in the 90’s to BMG – and the train was stopped by the corporate bandits just as the station appeared.

After a layoff and time apart, Joe got the boys together to see how it would feel to play again – and it felt great.

Freshly mastered, Kevin and Ryan have some brand new material from the anticipated double release – Enter The Metal and Return Of The Metal.  Sounding as fresh and angry as ever, VARGA has breathed life into a monster that cannot be killed.

Kick back and check out the story of VARGA, another Hamilton classic, on Barber Shop Podcast.


40 Sons

It just keeps rolling at Barber Shop Podcast as one of the hottest outfits out of Steel City kicks down the door. 40 Sons have been making waves for 9 years and the work shows. Slick production cannot hide the raw talent that these four put out – with what seems like incredible ease. Big tuneful vocals. searing guitars and a hard driving rhythm section propel yet another uniquely Hamilton sound into the world through their videos, recordings, and epic live shows.

Laid back, funny and at ease with the whole situation, Repic, Spick, Link and Christiano are friends and comrades in this viscous game and it shows in what they do and in how they do it. Seriously good in all the right places, 40 Sons have made it clear that they’re here to stay – and we are certainly all the better for it.

World class in every respect, this is a band that is doing exactly what it takes to show the world what they’re all about.

So good live in studio you’ll swear you were there.