40 Sons

It just keeps rolling at Barber Shop Podcast as one of the hottest outfits out of Steel City kicks down the door. 40 Sons have been making waves for 9 years and the work shows. Slick production cannot hide the raw talent that these four put out – with what seems like incredible ease. Big tuneful vocals. searing guitars and a hard driving rhythm section propel yet another uniquely Hamilton sound into the world through their videos, recordings, and epic live shows.

Laid back, funny and at ease with the whole situation, Repic, Spick, Link and Christiano are friends and comrades in this viscous game and it shows in what they do and in how they do it. Seriously good in all the right places, 40 Sons have made it clear that they’re here to stay – and we are certainly all the better for it.

World class in every respect, this is a band that is doing exactly what it takes to show the world what they’re all about.

So good live in studio you’ll swear you were there.