Black Ozz

There’s a first for everything, and Ryan’s band Black Ozz presents a wicked little tribute to Black Sabbath and Ozzy Osborne. Although we mainly feature original artists, we here at Barber Shop Podcast give heed to the ones who fly the flag if greatness – and Sabbath is the cornerstone of heavy metal.

Born from the gritty streets of Birmingham, Black Sabbath hooked untold legions on the lure of the mystical 5th note tri tone.  You will be hard pressed to find any band who are worth their salt who don’t cite Ozzy and company as a huge influence.

Ryan plays kitchen party style with singer Darren and Luis – and I’m sitting in for drummer Bill on this episode of Barber Shop Podcast. Settle in as we bring the black magic of Sabbath to you with Black Ozz at Barber Shop Podcast.