Gavin O`Sullivan

Hamilton has seen its share of musicians, each a snapshot in time. Some have a singular frame. others have a series spanning years and genres. Gavin O’Sullivan was a music rat from early on, digging into the West Hamilton music scene with so many others who have left their mark. Steve Foster, Mike Trebilcock, Tom Wilson, Tim Gibbons, Ray Ferrugia, Colin Cripps are but a few of the people whose work makes up the formative years of his calling.

All Good Children and the Rayburns saw him chase the dream to its physical limit and soon after the demise of those units, Gavin saw his way westward to British Columbia about 9 years ago, he laid the guitar down and took time to restart the inevitable creative process.  Four years or more passes and the germs of ideas, melodies and rhythms began to form into a new entity, songs that would eventually find their way onto his new CD, A Postcard From The Hammer