Tom Wilson, Thompson Wilson


There’s something about Tom Wilson that has always attracted attention. Sure of his destiny at an early age, musical moments from the cathode flicker of Don Messer to the transcendent Frankie Venom formed the foundation for Hamilton’s roots rock chameleon. A singer songwriter bent on showcasing his own material from the onset, the coffee house folkie turned wild eyed frontman rose to prominence with such legendary outfits as The Florida Razors and Junkhouse. His constant musical evolution has Wilson continuing to work alongside some of his favourite artists with  current projects  Blackie & The Rodeo Kings and Lee Harvey Osmond and you know he will always be sharing the stage with someone great, somewhere great in the world.

Dropping by with his talented son Thompson, Tom Wilson has a great conversation with Kevin about some of the colour that paints such a vivid canvass around here.  Hamilton to the bone, talented and smart so the ladies love him, this is one guy who the Barber likes to see come in the door. 3 songs, 1 duet – bonus Thompson Wilson song and a sweet little show – the big 5-0