Barber Shop One Year Anniversary Show

Some of our favorite guests from our first year of shows dropped into the studio for a bit of cheer on BARBER SHOP PODCAST.
Kevin and Ryan got the place all dolled up and the good cheer was flowing on this very special episode. Sarah Beatty kicks off the night and sings a couple with the help of Craig Kosul, Sam DeRosa and Mike Holler and it’s a great bit of synergy and fun. Next up Maggie Ciere and her bud Monica teamed up with Holler and DeRosa. You know Maggie’s great songs and signature 100 proof vocals would astound and jaws were dropping all around. Week 3 guests Chris and Christa Bradbury of Social Animals were next on the couch with a breathtaking demonstration of song smithing with a real power ballad and a new one never recorded.
Closing up the night were a couple of electric devils – metal guys going solo with just an acoustic. Neither Colby Simms or Joe Towers write simple songs about simple things. Great players and singers, these front men lay it open with a couple of tunes each.

Wow. Did all that just happen??? Live??

Dedicated to Bobby. 1948-2013



Sound As People

You have to give it to a band that knows a good thing when they see it. Putting together a cohesive outfit of individuals who share the same vision and work ethic is a tough gig, making it actually work quite another. Sound As People is the love child of Andrew Hines and Rob Crate and has morphed into the current incarnation of the band with the additions of Rob Kemp and Jake Campagnaro – which is a very good thing. Soulful layered math rock, unique and approachable, the boys in Sound As People have a pretty good grip on a thing that’s hard to quantify.
Four individuals from different places share a common mission to do it their way. They aren’t the first and surely will not be the last, but what they do is honest and uniquely theirs.
It’s another great show and a real pleasure to give Sound As People a place like Barber Shop Podcast to hang out and let us get to know them


Duane Rutter

Growing up in rural Ontario in the shadow of the Danko clan, Duane Rutter was always surrounded by music and community. Tight knit family and the country/roots sounds that flowed from the parlour hooked Duane at an early age and his life was forever changed. Playing pretty well everything he could get his hands on, soon the young man had a vehicle to express the words he had collected and an honest to goodness singer songwriter was now making his mark.
Sacrifice and priorities pulled Duane Rutter away from his craft, but the fire never went out, even in the darkest times.
Releasing his first album in 2006, Waiting Room was a testament to the hard work and faith in his music and his message.  The follow up in 2011, Never Bet The Devil Your Head continued to showcase Duane Rutter as a deeply soulful artist to be reckoned with.
Spend the next hour or so hearing the stories and the sounds of Duane Rutter as he shares his life and times at BARBER SHOP PODCAST.
Definitely the real deal



Big Johnny Blue with the Hamilton Blues Society

The blues is the foundation that holds the walls of pretty well every popular music form today. Never has the world needed the message of common experience and community that the blues has to offer than now.
Hamilton sits at the crossroads of the rail lines and highways that carried the great blues men (and ladies) from The States to the scores of fans in Canadian cities like Toronto and Montreal. It’s safe to say that many examples of great Canadian music owe their sound to the deep set roots the blues has established.
Big Johnny Blue drops by with Velvet Glen Brown  And Mike the Knife to talk about the Hamilton Blues Society and the good things they do here in Steel City. Community, dedication and the life story of many souls can’t be wrong and trust me when I tell you it’s l good.