Duane Rutter

Growing up in rural Ontario in the shadow of the Danko clan, Duane Rutter was always surrounded by music and community. Tight knit family and the country/roots sounds that flowed from the parlour hooked Duane at an early age and his life was forever changed. Playing pretty well everything he could get his hands on, soon the young man had a vehicle to express the words he had collected and an honest to goodness singer songwriter was now making his mark.
Sacrifice and priorities pulled Duane Rutter away from his craft, but the fire never went out, even in the darkest times.
Releasing his first album in 2006, Waiting Room was a testament to the hard work and faith in his music and his message.  The follow up in 2011, Never Bet The Devil Your Head continued to showcase Duane Rutter as a deeply soulful artist to be reckoned with.
Spend the next hour or so hearing the stories and the sounds of Duane Rutter as he shares his life and times at BARBER SHOP PODCAST.
Definitely the real deal