Sound As People

You have to give it to a band that knows a good thing when they see it. Putting together a cohesive outfit of individuals who share the same vision and work ethic is a tough gig, making it actually work quite another. Sound As People is the love child of Andrew Hines and Rob Crate and has morphed into the current incarnation of the band with the additions of Rob Kemp and Jake Campagnaro – which is a very good thing. Soulful layered math rock, unique and approachable, the boys in Sound As People have a pretty good grip on a thing that’s hard to quantify.
Four individuals from different places share a common mission to do it their way. They aren’t the first and surely will not be the last, but what they do is honest and uniquely theirs.
It’s another great show and a real pleasure to give Sound As People a place like Barber Shop Podcast to hang out and let us get to know them