Barber Shop NYE Clip Show

Barber Shop Podcast looks back at 2013 with great pride as we take a trip down memory lane with our year end clip show.  Starting with Steve Sinnicks in January, we began to broadcast with video, the look and feel of the show getting stronger every week. Chock full of stand out performances, it is truly a testament to the deep pool of talent we get to swim with around here.

Sit back and prepare to be blown away by the people, passion and power displayed each and every week at Barber Shop Podcast. Over 20 in studio performances, back-to-back as they appeared this year.

2013 is in the bag and 2014 is looking good – and everyone looks sooo good after a visit to The Barber.



Ginger St James & SnowHeel Slim

Country girl with a fiery disposition and a hunger for the spotlight, meets punk rocker turned Bluesman and start making music like granddad’s old time moonshine. Ginger St.James was always up for a challenge, and fearlessness was the ante, when she won over audiences first as a burlesque queen, then as a bonafide musician on the scene. Fusing the swagger of the blues with the sparkle of the golden era of country, her growl and howl proved the stuff of a modern day legend. Hooking up with talented guitar slinger SnowHeel Slim allowed that special union of synergy and passion to develop into what can now only be described as contemporary classic Americana, wearing a Southern Ontario badge of honour.

Enjoy an hour with the super sweet, funny, and talented Ginger St. James as she struts her stuff with SnowHeel Slim.

Take a trip with Ginger and Slim as they play a few from the CD Tease, and give Kevin and Ryan three live numbers to make the show another instant classic.




Hamilton has forged a ton of great music over the years, and the story of TRICKBAG is right there where it needs to be. Long, long time friends Paul Panchezak and Larry Feudo began a music club in their early teens when there was three bands a block.  The chops and passion they shared led to the longstanding relationships with bassist Michael Hickey, singer/soulmate of Paul, Donna Panchezak and the multi dimensional Les Smith, produced an intoxicating mash of Ozark/Ontario hybrid Americana that has blues as it’s foundation and evokes so many other influences to form the walls.

World class and certainly a solid chapter in the history of music in the steel city, TRICKBAG has the timeless qualities of form and function, taking the dirt road to the next stop on their journey.

If you’ve never seen one of the great original traditional acts this area has ever produced, you’re in for a treat because the TRICKBAG story is a good one, and their music will take you to where you need to go – on BARBER SHOP PODCAST.

Lori Yates

Sometimes there exists the perfect blend of originality and tradition, vulnerability and strength, and up close from a distant eye.  Lori Yates always knew she was going to sing, always knew she was going to write, and was never afraid of the next great opportunity.

North Toronto born, Queen Street denizen, Yates was there for so much of the incredible explosion of new and dangerous music that grew from the rock, country, blues and edgy punk laced fusion of that era. Signed, sealed and delivered into a big record deal saw her actually live the life she dared to dream so convincingly.  Over the next decades, Lori Yates stayed right there, always moving in step with her own visions and directions while delving into musical relationships and discovering yet another layer to this incredible singer songwriter.

Power pop punk princess to country queen was and is just part of the story, and this episode of BARBER SHOP PODCAST has one of the country’s sweetest assassins right here sharing a bit of herself in song and story.

Enjoy a few choice selections from three of Lori’s records, and hear the voice that can break hearts if not quite glasses, on this, episode #54 of BARBER SHOP PODCAST