Ginger St James & SnowHeel Slim

Country girl with a fiery disposition and a hunger for the spotlight, meets punk rocker turned Bluesman and start making music like granddad’s old time moonshine. Ginger St.James was always up for a challenge, and fearlessness was the ante, when she won over audiences first as a burlesque queen, then as a bonafide musician on the scene. Fusing the swagger of the blues with the sparkle of the golden era of country, her growl and howl proved the stuff of a modern day legend. Hooking up with talented guitar slinger SnowHeel Slim allowed that special union of synergy and passion to develop into what can now only be described as contemporary classic Americana, wearing a Southern Ontario badge of honour.

Enjoy an hour with the super sweet, funny, and talented Ginger St. James as she struts her stuff with SnowHeel Slim.

Take a trip with Ginger and Slim as they play a few from the CD Tease, and give Kevin and Ryan three live numbers to make the show another instant classic.