Lori Yates

Sometimes there exists the perfect blend of originality and tradition, vulnerability and strength, and up close from a distant eye.  Lori Yates always knew she was going to sing, always knew she was going to write, and was never afraid of the next great opportunity.

North Toronto born, Queen Street denizen, Yates was there for so much of the incredible explosion of new and dangerous music that grew from the rock, country, blues and edgy punk laced fusion of that era. Signed, sealed and delivered into a big record deal saw her actually live the life she dared to dream so convincingly.  Over the next decades, Lori Yates stayed right there, always moving in step with her own visions and directions while delving into musical relationships and discovering yet another layer to this incredible singer songwriter.

Power pop punk princess to country queen was and is just part of the story, and this episode of BARBER SHOP PODCAST has one of the country’s sweetest assassins right here sharing a bit of herself in song and story.

Enjoy a few choice selections from three of Lori’s records, and hear the voice that can break hearts if not quite glasses, on this, episode #54 of BARBER SHOP PODCAST