Dave Gould

It’s that time of year at Barber Shop Podcast when the short, dark, cold days work to suck the joy and energy out of the world and on the big dirty city, you’d be excused for believing that there is nothing in the cupboard at times.
Dave Gould is just the tonic for a frozen night in late January as Kevin and Ryan crank up the furnace and dig into the life and times of one of the most creative individuals who make art and music a mission in life here in Hamilton. Artist, musician, seeker and sage,
Dave Gould has never been bound by convention, choosing to create sound-scapes and rhythms from all kinds of places, his palate and performance a celebration of all the things music should be, could be.
Well versed and accomplished as a singer songwriter, Dave Gould still sees music as a wide open field, with the possibilities limited only by the imagination.
Warm words and toasty folks on a frosty night at Barber Shop Podcast with Dave Gould