Ian Andrews and the Smokin’ Scoundrels

The mantle of Bluesman is not one worn casually. Since the birth of the blues, stories and patterns have been repeated over and over, each time with a slightly different inflection. Be it from the Mississippi delta or from the Deep South of Ontario, the blues speaks of love and loss, passion and personal journeys that touch a common chord.
Ian Andrews grew up in Guelph, not exactly the blues hotbed of Canada, but close to the timeless recordings that have withstood fad and fashion over time. Freddie King, Stevie Ray, Albert Collins, all were deep cuts in the young musicians table during his formative years. It made sense that the kid who formed a punk band, a rock band and lived to write original tunes would one day front a legitimate blues outfit.
Featuring the silky Sean LeSage on bass, Dan Stajov on keys and Tom Lamontagne on drums, the elements of musicianship, verve and mojo have come together to form something special. Bringing together the classic and the new, there is nothing stopping the best new blues band out of Hamilton from kicking the door down in a big way.
Ladies and gentlemen – Ian Andrews and the Smokin’ Scoundrels on Barber Shop Podcast.