The Kents

Every once and awhile we get to feast like a dog when the pork chop hits the floor. Somewhere between the legendary icons and the scrappy up-and-comers there are a myriad of über talented bands that never received the props and exposure they deserve. Yours truly was influenced greatly by three of these Hamiltonian pillars thru the music of Crimson Jimson, Flux AD and Junkhouse. In any other part of the world, this constitutes a super group, but around here it was merely perfectly crafted original rock, layered and shiny, sweet and brutally good. The Kents bring a sensitivity and Hamilton sensibility to this incarnation of the band with stalwarts John Connolly, Grant and Stu Marshall and rejuvenated with the help of the youngster Dave Christie on drums. the Kents deliver a proud, smart lyric, a tuneful melody, sweet harmonies and a spark of trouble to make a sound they can claim their own and at the same time, be the best band you’ve never heard.

Well – you hear them tonight,  get a glimpse at yet another group of great individuals who represent is so well, in the squared circle of music and entertainment.

Pleased as punch, crying for all the right reasons, sit back and soak in the sticky past, present, and future of The Kents – live and in person at Barber Shop Podcast.