The Acoustics

Music is math. Music is science. Music is also an ancient intangible that transcends the first two things with pure emotion. A band with a name like The Acoustics is kinda asking for it. Serious about the business and place of music because North Hamilton parents are paying for, and investing in some lessons from the Ontario Conservatory of Music.
Master accordionist Al Spoto along with nephew Enzo form a familial backbone with Bonnie Bell on violin, Andrew Eckhart on bass and drummer Richard Hone to give birth to a Steel City take on the folk roots ache of Canadiana such as Spirit of the West and The Paperboys.
Still steeped in the traditions that brought them to attention of the masses, the sweet voice and very believable lyrics of Enzo Spoto turn the screws on some of the best music, from the heart, that you might hazard upon in this musical city.
Bringing just the core tonight, Al, Enzo and Bonnie drop by Barber Shop Podcast to bring a little of the real to your cookie cutter day. In the midst of everything so damn phony, treat yourself to something believable.