The Monarch Project

The birth of spring is a glorious thing to behold, and this winter has taken a mighty toll on all involved at Barber Shop Podcast. There is a warm breeze afoot around here and salvation has arrived just in time.

The Monarch Project is a collection of twenty-somethings that possess that rarest of qualities, the perspective and embodiment of an entire generation that preceded them while maintaining absolute integrity and originality.  Think of Oasis, Roger Waters and the Beatles spun thru a Billy Joe filter and you might start approaching the plain these guys are travelling on.

Having formed around the nucleus of Jose Batista, Jo Boudreau, Wally London, James Rea Girt and brothers Rob and Tom Nagy, The Monarch Project is something special to behold.  Hamilton has a deep well of musical talent and this episode of Barber Shop Podcast brings you another piece of heaven for your ears and your soul.

No filler, all killer  at Barber Shop Podcast with The Monarch Project.