Weekend Riot Club

It never stops here at Barber Shop Podcast as yet another powerhouse act kicks the door down.  Weekend Riot Club is a mighty sum comprised of four awesome parts, each a massive energy force sufficient to break shit. When Melissa Marchese met Mike Chetcuti in 2008, it was electric – music forming the serpentine path of their union. Getting serious with a vision and a name, 2010 was the start of Weekend Riot Club, the addition of drummer Paulo Fontes cementing the trio as a heavy hitting unit bent on shaking up a crowed Hamilton music scene. Progressing with the help of some wise and talented session players, the eventual addition of Adam Neumann on bass was the final ingredient in a wickedly good Rock n Roll brew. Releasing their first full length studio effort PSYCHOTROPIA in June 2013, the members of Weekend Riot Club are ready to blow away the winter blahs in a big way with their own brand of rock n roll.

Hamilton to the bone, and proud of it. 100 proof, full tilt, no bullshit is what you get from Weekend Riot Club and we here at Barber Shop Podcast couldn’t be happier







Two days past Daddy’s birthday and after a slate of tasteful chanteuse chorales we at Barber Shop Podcast are blessed with the mindful mindlessness of Hamilton’s Lo-Fi.
Born of excessive musicianship and time, the seemingly simple collection of Lips, Ken, Vinnie, and Todd stopped by without the benefit of their drummer but left a smoking crater of an impression. Tight and oh-so- loose, Lo-Fi is at once an adolescent giggle fest and a deep thinking moment. Not at all concerned what you think, Lo- Fi is much more worried about how you feel.  Naughty, bawdy, and a whole lot tawdry, we have some great shit in the house tonight. Lo and behold, please give it for sons man sized men from LO-FI at Barbet Shop Podcast



Rita Chiarelli

A blistering Nor’easter in the Ides of March cannot stop the mighty power of Hamilton legend Rita Chiarelli and Barber Shop Podcast.

Salvatore’s little girl was the only native born child of a rough hewn hard working family in the heart of a busy industrial steel town. Always fascinated and captivated by the swirling notes of her youth, the young lioness was turning heads and being recruited by established outfits at the tender age of 14.

Years of touring, here, there, everywhere hardened the steel that a woman in the music business needs to break through. Living the creed that to to make your life in music one must love music more than anything or anyone, Rita Chiarelli won the hearts of so many by being honest to music, her fans and herself.  Long considered Canada’s Queen if the blues, Rita has only a few blocks to go to to visit Kevin and Ryan at the Barber Shop Podcast now that she has returned to her home town.

Live, up close and in person – the one and only, Rita Chiarelli  – on Barber Shop Podcast





Mississippi Bends

Mary Simon has found quite a bit of success over the years as a solo artist in Canada and the US, yet she has been looking for a band for years. Not “her” band, but a band that existed as something greater than the sum of it’s parts.

Mississippi Bends is the meeting of minds and more than a little soul. Harvesting the trademark guitar work of Andrew Aldridge, the sublime Carey Ashworth on bass and long time drummer Robin Pieirson, Mary Simon has that group – and that sound she’s been looking for.

Fresh from recording their debut record at Porcelain Studios, Mississippi Bends has begun the process of making us all aware of their their take on a new tradition in roots music.

Smart, funny and wickedly talented, the folks in Mississippi Bends blessed us at Barber Shop Podcast with their very first radio interview, and it’s a good one.  Get a little sneak peak at yet another Hamilton heavyweight, Mississippi Bends