Mississippi Bends

Mary Simon has found quite a bit of success over the years as a solo artist in Canada and the US, yet she has been looking for a band for years. Not “her” band, but a band that existed as something greater than the sum of it’s parts.

Mississippi Bends is the meeting of minds and more than a little soul. Harvesting the trademark guitar work of Andrew Aldridge, the sublime Carey Ashworth on bass and long time drummer Robin Pieirson, Mary Simon has that group – and that sound she’s been looking for.

Fresh from recording their debut record at Porcelain Studios, Mississippi Bends has begun the process of making us all aware of their their take on a new tradition in roots music.

Smart, funny and wickedly talented, the folks in Mississippi Bends blessed us at Barber Shop Podcast with their very first radio interview, and it’s a good one.  Get a little sneak peak at yet another Hamilton heavyweight, Mississippi Bends