Chelsea Crites

Hamilton is music country – and country music is a big part of Hamilton.  Chelsea Crites looks like the kind of country singer you see atop the heap in America, picture perfect and dressed for the part. You’d be forgiven for thinking it all smoke and mirrors but this firebrand walks the walk with confidence and style. Rising through the ranks at a very young age, singing competitions and talent contests introduced her to the hard realities of disappointment punctuated by ever increasing moments of success and reaffirmation. Professional at 13, Chelsea Crites demonstrated the work ethic and wise choices fostered by her supportive parents. Playing many shows in many different venues, the teenage sensation began to build the kind of buzz that makes both newcomers and jaded critics take notice.
Working with some top flight writers Such as Beau Fuller and Mike Nash as well as contributing her own songs, the process of recording her first professional full length album began in Nashville at John Willis’s Willis Soundz in 2011. Surely the music contained inside will set the stage for what is sure to be a remarkable career.
Stopping by Barber Shop Podcast on a spring evening. Chelsea and keyboardist Josh Kuehnel relax and tell us in words and music about their world. Something special every week on Barber Shop Podcast