Famous Framus

Working in the factories and fields is a sure way to accumulate the stuff required to fuel music of a fertile mind. Famous Framus was just little Mike when he was forever changed by a large scary man pouring out his heart during one of his parents late night kitchen parties. Knowing then and there that his calling would somehow involve the power and the glory of performance, the truth of music and the beauty if the truth.
Shift work and fatherhood took him to task, their toll high on the artist in relief. Taking his cue from his down time, learning to read and write music in tablature form led to the great awakening that comes from producing original music. Songs poured from him, self taught and stylistically unique, Famous Framus took the name of an old ill-gotten church guitar and started playing the devils music on it.
Teaming up with drummer Dave Gould and harp player and singer M.M. LeBlanc to turn his tunes into rip roaring, foot stomping Mississippi punk folk that is all Hamilton.
Kevin and Ryan are very glad to have not only such a great artist on hand but also an aficionado of the medium, talk radio and podcast platforms. We are pleased to say he’s a fan – and the feeling is mutual.
Join us as Famous Framus plays live, shares his story, ins we get to enjoy a cut from each of his three full length albums – 2006’s Eight Ball, 2008’s Down By Desire, and 2011’s On Mortal Love.
It’s all good – at Barber Shop Podcast