Sometimes guys get a but shaggy between visits to Barber Shop Podcast but TOMMYGUNN has been keeping things tight since his first visit 66 weeks ago. Tommy Grasley knew he had built something really good with the release of 2013’s Unleash The Hounds. Recorded by Georgie Fab and mastered by Nick Blagona, the record served as an effective lure to snag some great Hamilton hounds. Legendary axe god Ludger Bourassa and the tasty Bob Barnes handle the guitars while Al Thompson grooves to the beat of Chris Mills, making the sound come alive in a big, big way.
Never one to shy away from important issues, Tommy writes about important things but makes it funny, naughty, an easy, honest, positive message that’s good to hear.
On the first summery night of the year, after a long, cold winter we’re all fired up and ready to go on Barber Shop Podcast


The Human Orchestra

For a band that’s only been around for a couple of years, The Human Orchestra has turned a few heads in and around the musical hotbed that is Hamilton.  Diverse in nature and large in number, the off hand mixing and meetings of like minded souls gave birth to a unique musical collective in 2011. Voxy siren J.B. Reed and bassist Luke Michaels saw every free flow of incarnations eventually settle on the shoulders of guitarist and vocalist Dean Labute, keyboardist Paul Cino the saxy Ms. Emma Borsellino , trumpeter Denis Spellen Ty Howie on guitar and Shawn Kerr keeping time with panache.

A big band with a big sound. Never sure of their place in a pre fab world of music, these 20 somethings have managed the perfect crime – being true to themselves, totally original, and widely appealing.

Dropping by on a sweet Wednesday spring night, 6 of the 8 members push us to the limit, roll some stories and share a few songs in the key of real.

No shame in sounding good and looking good, and no shame here at Barber Shop Podcast as we rock and roll, laugh and cry for all the right reasons.

Another jewel from the treasure chest that is Barbet Shop Podcast


Crawlin’ Kingsnakes

London Ontario has always been a hub of great original music in Canada and when Paul Wootton’s Crawlin’ Kingsnakes blew up in the 80’s it was a mercurial existence, rife with the promise of fame and the pitfalls of reality.

When a chance meeting with Steve Foster at Hamilton’s Corktown Tavern led to talking, writing and playing, Crawlin’ Kingsnakes took on a whole new look and feel. The four members including Greg Plant on bass and drummer Michael Stuart set to making the band front and center in the blurred era of great rock n roll that was happening in the early 90’s
Time passes, and the things that made the music the only thing that mattered remained as The boys continued to make the music work in – and sustain, their lives.
Dropping by on a rainy May evening, Paul and Steve talk of the early days, the highs and lows, and the magic that was – and is Crawlin’ Kingsnakes with an in studio performance and some special pre release tracks from their new album due out this summer.
Another fine evening with friends at Barber Shop Podcast


Jacob Moon

If you follow scripture, Jacob is a pretty heavy dude. Jacob Moon is pretty heavy too, his voice strong and pure, his music a tapestry of sound and rhythm.

Taking his cue from the friends and family that filled his childhood home, the sir was cast from an early age. Endless hours wood shedding and word smithing revealed a brilliant gem of a singer/songwriter who could silence a room in a measure. Moving to Hamilton and witnessing the depth of musical reserves was a daunting but altogether nurturing experience as both his repertoire and reputation grew exponentially. With each record produced, the rarest of gifts was honed to an edge on these mean streets, delivering on the promise of greatness.

Fresh off his appearance on CBC, Jacob does the right thing and visits his hometown barber for some good conversation, a few videos, a little in house performance and a track from his brand new album, Fascination.
It’s all good….. On Barber Shop Podcast


Killin’ Time Band

There is something righteous about music when it’s done from the heart. When Brad and Jaret both bad bands implode at the same time the seeds for Killin’ Time Band were sown.  Morphing the tipsy patio party duet into a band that made laughter and liquor flow in many people and places. With Paul and Brian on board, in 2004, the boys started putting pen to paper and the message to the medium and released their debut album Killin’ Time Band in 2008, followed by 2010’s 3 day weekend and most recently One Set To Freedom in 2013. Considerable skill in social media and the technical end of the business, Brad and Jaret churn out a steady stream of snappy  on point videos and regular live shows to keep their fans in the green.

It’s another great night of smart insight, good vibes and kick ass original music as good as anything out there. Killin’ Time Band takes you to a very good place, and tonight that’s Barber Shop Podcast