Crawlin’ Kingsnakes

London Ontario has always been a hub of great original music in Canada and when Paul Wootton’s Crawlin’ Kingsnakes blew up in the 80’s it was a mercurial existence, rife with the promise of fame and the pitfalls of reality.

When a chance meeting with Steve Foster at Hamilton’s Corktown Tavern led to talking, writing and playing, Crawlin’ Kingsnakes took on a whole new look and feel. The four members including Greg Plant on bass and drummer Michael Stuart set to making the band front and center in the blurred era of great rock n roll that was happening in the early 90’s
Time passes, and the things that made the music the only thing that mattered remained as The boys continued to make the music work in – and sustain, their lives.
Dropping by on a rainy May evening, Paul and Steve talk of the early days, the highs and lows, and the magic that was – and is Crawlin’ Kingsnakes with an in studio performance and some special pre release tracks from their new album due out this summer.
Another fine evening with friends at Barber Shop Podcast