Jacob Moon

If you follow scripture, Jacob is a pretty heavy dude. Jacob Moon is pretty heavy too, his voice strong and pure, his music a tapestry of sound and rhythm.

Taking his cue from the friends and family that filled his childhood home, the sir was cast from an early age. Endless hours wood shedding and word smithing revealed a brilliant gem of a singer/songwriter who could silence a room in a measure. Moving to Hamilton and witnessing the depth of musical reserves was a daunting but altogether nurturing experience as both his repertoire and reputation grew exponentially. With each record produced, the rarest of gifts was honed to an edge on these mean streets, delivering on the promise of greatness.

Fresh off his appearance on CBC, Jacob does the right thing and visits his hometown barber for some good conversation, a few videos, a little in house performance and a track from his brand new album, Fascination.
It’s all good….. On Barber Shop Podcast