Killin’ Time Band

There is something righteous about music when it’s done from the heart. When Brad and Jaret both bad bands implode at the same time the seeds for Killin’ Time Band were sown.  Morphing the tipsy patio party duet into a band that made laughter and liquor flow in many people and places. With Paul and Brian on board, in 2004, the boys started putting pen to paper and the message to the medium and released their debut album Killin’ Time Band in 2008, followed by 2010’s 3 day weekend and most recently One Set To Freedom in 2013. Considerable skill in social media and the technical end of the business, Brad and Jaret churn out a steady stream of snappy  on point videos and regular live shows to keep their fans in the green.

It’s another great night of smart insight, good vibes and kick ass original music as good as anything out there. Killin’ Time Band takes you to a very good place, and tonight that’s Barber Shop Podcast