The Human Orchestra

For a band that’s only been around for a couple of years, The Human Orchestra has turned a few heads in and around the musical hotbed that is Hamilton.  Diverse in nature and large in number, the off hand mixing and meetings of like minded souls gave birth to a unique musical collective in 2011. Voxy siren J.B. Reed and bassist Luke Michaels saw every free flow of incarnations eventually settle on the shoulders of guitarist and vocalist Dean Labute, keyboardist Paul Cino the saxy Ms. Emma Borsellino , trumpeter Denis Spellen Ty Howie on guitar and Shawn Kerr keeping time with panache.

A big band with a big sound. Never sure of their place in a pre fab world of music, these 20 somethings have managed the perfect crime – being true to themselves, totally original, and widely appealing.

Dropping by on a sweet Wednesday spring night, 6 of the 8 members push us to the limit, roll some stories and share a few songs in the key of real.

No shame in sounding good and looking good, and no shame here at Barber Shop Podcast as we rock and roll, laugh and cry for all the right reasons.

Another jewel from the treasure chest that is Barbet Shop Podcast