Sometimes guys get a but shaggy between visits to Barber Shop Podcast but TOMMYGUNN has been keeping things tight since his first visit 66 weeks ago. Tommy Grasley knew he had built something really good with the release of 2013’s Unleash The Hounds. Recorded by Georgie Fab and mastered by Nick Blagona, the record served as an effective lure to snag some great Hamilton hounds. Legendary axe god Ludger Bourassa and the tasty Bob Barnes handle the guitars while Al Thompson grooves to the beat of Chris Mills, making the sound come alive in a big, big way.
Never one to shy away from important issues, Tommy writes about important things but makes it funny, naughty, an easy, honest, positive message that’s good to hear.
On the first summery night of the year, after a long, cold winter we’re all fired up and ready to go on Barber Shop Podcast