Lee Baby Sims

Just when you think all your regulars are too bald to come by much anymore, and the young guns just don’t care – the door opens and in walks the future.Born from the fertile ground of Sauce Rocket, Porcelain Youth, Sebastian Paige and The Virginia Wolves and Gentlemen Spectres, the trio of Pete Moss, Scott Marsh and Adam Cannon were playing real gigs in real bands before they could drive. Bloodlines from The Florida Razors, tutelage from the Jennings, and many shows served to make them great players and now make Lee Baby Sims a legitimate Hamilton supergroup.

Funny, smart, and hot on the heels of their recording at Rattlebox North, the boys stop in for a late show and deliver six live performances in addition to world debuting their first single – Stick in the Mud – just for is here at Barber Shop Podcast.
These guys still have they new band smell, and boy-oh-boy, does it ever smell good.
Awesome goodness with Lee Baby Sims – at Barber Shop Podcast