Social Animals

Way, way back in the early days of the show – before the time of video, we had a couple names Bradbury and a bass player named Orange come in and tell us their typical story. Girl meets depressed ex-pat Aussie at Canadian house party and sparks ensue along with deportation and redemption. Busking to eat, doing odd jobs, the music was always there, when times were tough they were always together and  the dream never died. Songs that had soul and purpose grew into three demos and the attention of a few in the know, including producer Jordan Abraham. Both Abraham and drummer Dave Guild began turning a powerful folk duo into a rock band with texture and edge.Long hours and much passion went in, and what came out is electric. Pure, honest and so very real, Chris and Christa Bradbury have made a great record. Titled INNOMINATE, from the Latin word for no name, this 10 song effort does indeed speak for itself. Full of sweeping guitars and Christa’s signature vocals, INNOMINATE is Hamilton Gold.