Troy Harmer and the Persuaders

Right around that magic age of 12 or 13, Troy Harmer fell hard for the sound of the electric guitar and the creation of music. Living, breathing music that sprung from fingers and mouths, not from the television or radio was the music environment that quickly saw the love of rock guitar lead to the honest strut of the great bluesmen in our past and present world. Writing original music and stretching his wings, Harmer melded the polished chops of a legitimate guitar slinger with a myriad of personal musical influences on 1999’s Troy Harmer and Infinity.  Focusing today more on the strong polish of a front running blues outfit, the combination of Harmer and  bassist Alyssa DuPuis and Steve Tomalty bring the confident groove of Freddie King, Robert Cray and Buddy Guy to bear on some of the most appealing original blues to ever come out of the Hammer.
Wrapping up production on their new CD – Born to Sing the Blues, Troy Harmer and the Persuaders drop by Barber Shop Podcast with an early copy to play as well as ripping up the joint with some searing live rockin blues and a treat for our fans.
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