Exile on King Street

BOXO Studio is the place where broadcast from each and every week. We do good things here, really good things with music as an agent of change. Music should be powerful and evocative, teaching and healing. Music tells a story of yesterday, today and tomorrow, always a perfect snapshot.
There is an album by the most famous rock and roll band ever that stands one as a testament to the overlooked greatness of 1972. Sprawling and dangerous, EXILE ON MAIN STREET was never meant to be anything other than a snapshot of time, heroin soaked and resplendent in it’s messy glory. Eighteen songs in total and clocking in at an hour and a half, EXILE ON MAIN STREET is considered among the greatest rock albums of all time – and nobody has ever heard of it!!!  Precious little exists in a vacuum, but this album has kept legitimate and credible for all these years, and it was the perfect vehicle for BOXO Studio to put into an incredible live music performance featuring over 20 of our past and future guests from the musical hotbed of Hamilton Ontario on Thursday July 3, 2014 at The Casbah, 306 King St. W. In Hamilton.
Never let it be said that we at Barber Shoo Podcast don’t put out mouth where our money is, as we sit down the night before the big rock show with just a few of the players and talk about this album, this project, this thing we do.