Mimi Shaw

Some of the greatest finds come from looking a little harder for that certain thing. Mimi Shaw was always wrapped in music, deep Scottish roots providing the familial sustenance and the unfolding Canadian musical scene serving to frame the style and sensibilities of an important contributor. Toronto born and bread, Mimi Shaw came to Hamilton in 1990 to live with her sister Sandy and her rock star husband Tom Wilson. A clear and present insight into this musical wonderland was front and centre as the desire to write and record grew along with her personal journey. From the rock n billy sounds of Rat Bastard to the sublime partnerships with Wilson and Colin Cripps, her sweet songs of timeless emotion, the heart of a poet shines through in the most musical of ways.
Gathering her wit and wisdom in a hauntingly beautiful fashion, Mimi Shaw has brought her music and her magic to BOXO Studio and Barber Shop Podcast for a great night of music and a great time had by all.