Sloppy Jalopy

Country swamp sock hop rock n’ roll  isn’t a genre you will find easily but when you get a taste you will be hooked for sure. When Hamilton guitar King Craig Koshul was looking for a tasty side project aside from his founding duties in Burnin’ Eyhyl, he tapped “Busker” Al Barubek to write some wry, rye soaked tunes that could fill a dance floor and the tavern cash register. Common interests and productive writing sessions have produced a unique brand of music that defies easy description while at the same time being readily accessible and user friendly.
Marty Robbins and Robert Gordon meet up at a rodeo and drink a little with Blue Rodeo begins to set the stage for this band of miscreants as the rhythm section of bassist Jim Blair and drummer Deryke Spriggs provide the slap and groove to get the party started.
Fresh from the studio, Sloppy Jalopy bring some cuts from their debut album Side Of The Road to Barber Shop Podcast along with their unique sense of purpose, humour and fashion.
You can’t make this stuff up – and if you could you’re in big, big trouble.